OKNA 500 Series Window

OKNA 500 Series Insul-Tec Deluxe Window

The Okna 500 Series Insultec Deluxe window offers both great looks and energy-efficient features at a great price. The 3¼” Depth Welded Mainframe is 100% pure vinyl with a beveled colonial exterior which features curves that are not only beautiful, but also allow for maximum weld surface resulting in strength and years of long lasting performance. The 500 Series Deluxe package also features foam-filled extrusions instead of your basic hollow vinyl frame and sash.

Okna utilizes the Heatseal warm edge glass spacer system, whereas most window companies still use a full-metal spacer allowing for transfer of cold. Clima-guard Low-E glass is also usede for optimal thermal efficiency. Meanwhile, the gap between the double strength double pane glass is filled with Argon gas which improves window performance by reducing the transfer of cold between the inside and outside of your home much like the Heatseal spacer system.

The 0.25 U-factor of the 500 series currently exceeds present and future energy star standards set by the federal government. In addition to the excellent U-factor, the Okna 500 features a class-leading 0.02 air infiltration rating, currently around a 1000% better than the industry average of 0.20.  Okna helps achieve its low air infiltration rating in part by utilizing a bulb gasket seal along the meeting rail of the top and bottom sashes. This helps to reduce draft and increase thermal performance.

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